Some of us, despite having a healthy diet and exercise plan, seem to put on weight just by looking at a plate of brownies!

While we all know that certain foods, like super sugary or fatty options, will cause us to gain weight, some people avoid them, exercise regularly, and still see the number increase on their home’s scale. What gives?!

Your Weight Gain Might be a Side Effect of a Hormonal Imbalance

While we can’t diagnose you in a blog, those who are doing all the right things and are still gaining weight may be experiencing hormone imbalances in their bodies, such as:

  • Low thyroid levels
  • Adrenal hormone dysfunction (especially if you have a condition called Adrenal Fatigue)
  • Estrogen imbalance
  • Impaired insulin glands due to a diagnosis of diabetes

Since everyone’s bodies are different, you can probably imagine that when we’re talking about these types of hormonal imbalances in the body, everyone experiences unique imbalances. As such, it’s really hard for drug manufacturers to make a one-size-fits-all solution for getting these hormone levels back to a healthy level, thus helping you lose excess weight that you’ve put on while your hormones were all out of whack. Also, it isn’t very profitable for Big Pharma to create a wide variety of different medications in different doses since the demand for these types of solutions is so varied all over the country.

How We Can Work Directly with You and Your Doctor for Your Individual Hormone Imbalance and Weight Loss Needs

We’re proud to be different from chain drug stores where you find brand name and generic medications for typical ailments. Instead, you’ll find licensed pharmacists who not only have the same education as the ones that work behind the counter at your corner pharmacy, but who also get more annual hands-on training, specifically focused on compounding. Instead of prescribing generic pharmaceuticals with pre-set dosages, our pharmacists use compounding to create unique, custom-made prescriptions in our laboratory.

With compounding, our pharmacists are able to create a unique medication just for you that contains the exact amount of hormone supplements your body needs. These needs are determined using blood testing or saliva testing results that you and your doctor will discuss prior to your doctor writing you a special compounding prescription.

You see, lots of people have hypothyroidism, for example, which among other things, can make you gain weight. But everyone with this condition has a wide variety of thyroid levels, so the typical dosages provided in out-of-the-box medications may not be the best option for you.

Instead, your doctor can write a unique prescription for you so that our pharmacists can use compounding to create a medication at the exact level and dosing your doctor believes you need.

Compounding Hormone Solutions in Whatever Delivery Method Works Best for Your Body

You may be used to being prescribed pills, but the truth is, not everyone absorbs medication the best when it’s in pill form. At Archway Apothecary, we can create hormone compounding solutions to help you lose weight in a variety of different formats, including:

  • Pastes and creams
  • Oral medications
  • Sublingual medications
  • Topical medications
  • Drops
  • Injections
  • Suppositories

Whatever your doctor decides will work best for you, we can create it!

Talk to Your Doctor About Your Desire to Try Compounding

If you want to try compounding, we’re here to support you. We’re available to speak with your doctor if they have any questions and you can refill prescriptions easily through our App!

Contact Us Today to Learn More

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