Almost every day on social media and in the news, you read or hear about our country’s opioid epidemic. Perhaps what is most heartbreaking about this terrible type of addiction is that many who become addicted to opioids weren’t using them recreationally or even irresponsibly.

Instead, they were prescribed these strong pain medications following an injury or surgery and taking them as directed, only to find it impossible to titrate down and wean off them successfully when they no longer needed them.

At Archway Apothecary, we offer patients on the Northshore and in Metro New Orleans who need pain management, better, safer pharmaceuticals that don’t contain any addictive opioids while still helping patients like you get relief from pain. Best yet, these medications are custom-created by our licensed pharmacists and technicians so they contain the perfect balance of non-addictive pain medications that your doctor uniquely prescribes for you.

How Does Archway Apothecary Provide Opioid Alternatives for Pain Management?

If you’re expecting to quickly run inside and grab some headache medicine and bandaids, you’ll be surprised when you come through our door. The most important thing you need to know about Archway is that we aren’t your typical pharmacy.

What we aren’t is a typical brand name or generic prescription medications you might fill at a chain drugstore.

What we are is a pharmacy staffed by licensed pharmacists who create compounds which are custom made to your doctor’s specific instructions. These medications are created in our on-site laboratories, where we produce a unique blend of medications in either a sterile environment or clean room (depending on your specific needs).

Unlike the pills you’ll find from Big Pharma companies, our specially-created pain management solutions are customized to the specific dosages your doctor knows you need.

For example, if your level of pain falls somewhere in between the generic dosages pharmaceutical companies provide you won’t have to take more (or less) than the precise dosage necessary to manage your unique level of pain. Our pharmaceuticals also contain safe, pain-relieving medications that aren’t addictive. What a relief to know that even if you suffer from pain, there’s a solution for you to manage that pain without risking inadvertently becoming addicted to dangerous opioid medications!

Compounding Allows Us to Create Pain Management Solutions in the Best Delivery Method for You

Not only is every injury and surgery different, but the pain that patients feel from these experiences is unique as well. Additionally, some patients may be allergic to additives found in mass-produced pharmaceuticals, or their bodies may respond better to different medication delivery options.

At Archway Apothecary, our pharmacists can create a pain management prescription for you in one of the following delivery methods:

  • Pastes and creams
  • Oral medications
  • Sublingual medications
  • Topical medications
  • Drops, such as eye drops or ear drops
  • Injections
  • Suppositories

As you can see, whatever way your body best absorbs medication, our pharmacists can create a tailor-made solution for you!

Do I Need a Prescription for Pain Management Compounds?

At Archway Apothecary, we only create prescription-strength medications per a licensed physician’s detailed prescription. This is to ensure that our pharmacists are creating an opioid-free pain management solution for you that has the exact medications your doctor knows you need, in the dosage strength and delivery method that will work best for your body and the pain you’re currently experiencing.

Want To Try Opioid-Free Compounding to Manage Your Pain, But Not Sure How to Talk To Your Doctor About It?

While we regularly fill compounding prescriptions from doctors who prescribe these types of medications to patients located throughout the Northshore and Metro New Orleans, we know that some physicians aren’t very knowledgeable about compounding and instead are used to pharmaceutical reps and the literature they drop off at their offices. Your doctor might not even be aware that compounding is a safe and effective pain management alternative to opioids!

If you are interested in compounding, talk to your doctor about it. You can direct him or her to this page on our website which we’ve designed for prescribing doctors. Your doctor can also call to speak with one of our pharmacists themselves. We’ve even created an iOS and Android app that makes it even easier for you to request refills as they are needed.

Contact Us if You Have Any Questions

Whether you’re new to compounding, or you have a prescription you’d like filled but want to speak with one of our pharmacists first, we’re happy to help! Simply call us Monday through Friday at (985) 801-0800 or fill out our contact form so we can reply back to you.